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My name is David O'Toole. I am an independent game developer based in the USA, and I work primarily in the Common Lisp programming language. Since 2008 I have worked on many projects for the PC platform. All my games are available for free and are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and GNU/Linux.

I can be contacted by emailing, or on twitter. You may also wish to visit the Lisp Games Wiki and visit #lispgames on Freenode IRC to learn more about writing games in Lisp. I have also written a lisp game engine.

I also sometimes write about games. I wrote a retrospective on home versions of Atari's Centipede, and a review of Final Fantasy XIII.

You can browse and download all my games for free from my page on, or scroll down here for an author's overview with cool animated GIFs and a blurb about each game.




Say it "TOO-zong". My most popular game, 2x0ng is a wild procedurally generated action puzzler. It was even released in a Japanese translation by Playism! You can visit the 2x0ng page for more info and links to all versions.



Also known as "3x0ng". High speed multiplayer gamepad action. Fight for control of the Squareball as you try to destroy your opponent's fortress! Advanced AI to challenge solo players, with two difficulty levels. In active development with more features and gameplay variations to come. More info on



Four-player frog-and-hippo mayhem inspired by various 8-bit frog games. Kids mode option makes the game easier for younger players. More info on the 2fr0g page.



An old-fashioned robot shooting game, with optional two-player co-operative play! See for info and downloads.


skyw0r-1.png skyw0r-2.png

Pronounced "Sky War", a hybrid 2.5D retro space combat and exploration game. Work in progress. See the Skyw0r page.

The Testament of the White Cypress



Hand-painted HD adventure storybook game. Visit the cypress page.



An experimental game which takes place inside an abstract particle reactor. You can check it out here: 4x0ng on GameJolt.

Author: David O'Toole

Created: 2017-04-04 Tue 17:52