A note about the future of Xelf

Greetings to my friends in Lisp Games!

The Xelf 4.0 series uses SDL 1.2 and legacy OpenGL. These are widely supported on target platforms right now, but limited in comparison to SDL 2.0 and newer OpenGL. I am currently working on a Xelf 5.0 series with updated SDL/GL support, but this will take time. The purpose of the 4.x releases is to:

The upcoming Xelf 5.0 series should be in beta by about early 2018. Backward compatibility is a primary goal for the new Xelf; Xelf 4.0 games should require only minor changes to work with the 5.0 API. (Some additional work may be required if custom OpenGL code was used.)

I will continue to maintain Xelf 4.0 series and produce bugfixes until such time as a 5.0 release is completely stable. The 4.0 release can be found at http://xelf.me/ , and bugs may be reported to me at dto@xelf.me

Have fun! And don't forget to visit #lispgames on Freenode IRC.

Author: David O'Toole

Created: 2017-03-31 Fri 20:17