Define a new resource.

A Xelf 'resource' is an image, sound, text, color, or font. Most resources will depend on a file for their data, such as a .PNG file for images and .WAV files for sounds.

A 'resource record' defines a resource. A resource record is a property list with the following elements:

  • :NAME A string; the name of the resource. (Required)
  • :TYPE A keyword symbol identifying the data type. Valid types are :color :music :image :sample :ttf :font If TYPE is not given, Xelf will try to guess the file type based on the extension given as the NAME.
  • :PROPERTIES Property list with extra data specific to resource TYPE.
  • :FILE Name of file to load data from, if any. Relative to project directory. If FILE is not given, use the NAME.

Author: David O'Toole

Created: 2017-04-05 Wed 17:44