Squareball: a brick-bashing mashup of 8-bit hockey/soccer/pong games


The all-new 3x0ng features the return of 2x0ng's colorful graphics and bouncing, brick-busting Squareball, in a mashup of 8-bit soccer/hockey/pong games. One or two players will struggle for control of the ball as you attempt to break through the bricks surrounding your enemy's fortress and kick the ball into the goal, all while defending your own fortress! With one USB gamepad connected, play versus the computer; with two gamepads, play versus a friend.

Supports keyboard and/or USB gamepad in netplay mode. At least one USB gamepad is required for local multiplayer.

What's next?

Bugfixes and improvements, more gameplay variations, and more.

Author: David O'Toole

Created: 2017-04-03 Mon 23:01