2x0ng: a free procedural puzzle-combat adventure

Coming Soon: 2x0ng Plus! I'm working on an enhanced remake and re-imagining of 2x0ng with all-new graphics, new worlds, new enemies and mechanics, and multiplayer modes. You can keep up to date by peeping my twitter.

Planned for 2x0ng Plus:

  • Enhanced graphics using the brightly-colored aesthetic of the original 2x0ng—but with smoother shading, rounded corners, and lighting/particle effects.
  • A new location called "2x0ng Town" will be the main hub of the game, where the player can save his/her progress, go through tutorials, talk to friendly NPC's, and choose custom challenge levels from "Story Mode", including rhythm-based levels.
  • New creatures and obstacles to increase the variety of gameplay situations.
  • "Hardcore mode" features increased difficulty and only a single life.
  • Newly-personified main character; her name is "Peach Puff".
  • Soundtrack will include selected music and remixes from 2x0ng along with new music made especially for 2x0ng Plus.

NEWS: January 14, 2014: 2x0ngの無料日本語版はこちら! Japanese-language edition on Playism.jp

2x0ng version 1.8 is out now for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. See the Installation section below for information and links.

Pronounced "TOO-zong", 2x0ng is my new puzzle game, the sequel to Xong. Match colors to unlock new areas of each procedurally generated level while defeating enemies with your bouncing Squareball. 2x0ng is also Free Software, written entirely in Common Lisp.

Please email me at dto@xelf.me if you have any questions or feedback.

anim5.gif anim4.gif

(Full-size screenshots can be downloaded from the media page.)

What people are saying about 2x0ng

"Retro and art-game fans will love this."

— Iwan Gabovitch, writing for FreeGamer

"…2x0ng has a great meaty mechanic sandwiched between superb aesthetics and procedurally-generated levels, which combined creates one of the most deliciously replayable treats ever. 2x0ng is a perfect example of what "indie games" really can be."

Patrick Hancock, writing for Destructoid

"2x0ng feels like a bunch of arcade games abandoned in a petri dish, mutated and feral… They explode in bursts of pink blue confetti. Hitting them make a digitized BOING. Hitting multiple enemies gives you more confetti and more boings. You will do this even when you don’t have to. This is the best emotion of 2x0ng."

Porpentine, writing for Rock Paper Shotgun

"This is Xong. This is 2x0ng. Any questions?"

— Ithamore, writing for Tigsource

"On the surface, 2x0ng is a mashup of a variety of early 70s and 80s computer games… Out of this melting pot, 2x0ng manages to bring something new and emergent that makes for a fun and addictive experience."

Cheeseness, writing for GamingOnLinux.com

"I find it surprising that [2x0ng] is as simple as it is when you consider the different elements it consists of. But I love that it is. It really is a pick-up-and-play kind of game…"

Chris Priestman, writing for Indie Statik

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Installation instructions

A computer with at least 1.5 GHz CPU speed and 2GB RAM is recommended for good performance. Choose your platform below. Be sure to read the notes in your platform's section.

Update: August 2, 2013: 2x0ng version 1.8 has been released for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

2x0ng for Windows

Your browser will ask you whether to Open the download, or Save it to disk. Choose SAVE FILE, and put it wherever you want. If you are just trying out the game, you can put it on your Windows desktop, but it will work anywhere.

Right-click the file 2x0ng-windows-1.8.zip and choose EXTRACT or UNZIP (this may vary depending on your version of Windows.) If it asks for a destination folder, choose the same folder you used before.

Open the resulting new folder called 2x0ng-windows-1.8, and double click the file 2x0ng.exe to start the game.

Compatibility notes

  • The game may not start on Windows Vista if DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is turned on. DEP can be turned off in the Advanced System Settings menu of Windows Vista.
  • This download is not compatible with Windows Server 2000/2003 or 64-bit Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.
  • If you experience other problems, please contact me at dto@xelf.me.

2x0ng for Mac OSX

Extract the app from the .TAR.GZ archive, and open the app. You may see a message about 2x0ng being from an "Unidentified Developer". Select "Open" again, and your preference will be saved. (You may wish to read Apple's notes on configuring Gatekeeper).

To read the copyright information files referred to on the title screen, right-click to open the app's context menu, and choose "Show Package Contents." (Or, use the Finder's "Go To Folder" function by pressing Command-Shift-G, and open the app.) Inside the subfolder "Contents" you will find the text file COPYING and the Licenses subfolder.

2x0ng for Linux

You will need to have installed the SDL, SDL-TTF, SDL-IMAGE, SDL-MIXER, and SDL-GFX libraries. 64-bit users will need to install the IA32 versions of these SDL packages using their distribution's package manager.

Extract the files from the archive; the binary is called 2x0ng.bin. Example shell commands:

tar xvzf 2x0ng-linux-1.8.tar.gz
cd 2x0ng-linux-1.8

Known issues on Linux

  • The current directory must be the same as the executable's.
  • Some Linux users may get an error message about not being able to load SDL-GFX. If this happens, try choosing the CONTINUE option. I am working on a fix.
  • No 64-bit native build yet.


2x0ng has a compatibility mode for players with red/green color blindness (See the in-game Help screen for details.)

Please contact me if you wish to suggest colors for yellow/blue or other forms of color-vision impairment. I would be happy to add additional modes so that more people can play the game.


2x0ng is Free Software, with its Common Lisp source code distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL Version 3 and media assets under the Creative Commons BY-SA license.

What's next?

I'm working on several changes for the next version of 2x0ng:

  • Make keybindings configurable
  • Possibly change "sticky wall" behavior
  • Add intro story
  • Versus mode

Please contact me if you have any problems with the game. Besides bugfixing, there's always room for improvement—please tell me about your experience, and I will do my best to incorporate your suggestions and feedback!

You can email me at dto@xelf.me, or drop by on Freenode IRC, channel ##cypress, where I go by the nick "dto".

Official videos

Game hints

Please see the 2x0ng Tips and Techniques page for gameplay strategy help. (Warning, the page contains spoilers!)

Source code

How to play

In the year 2B7F, the Xiomacs virus escaped its interpreter and began to attack the System. Defend the System: use the arrow keys (or numpad) to move your robot, and press spacebar to throw the colored ball. The ball picks up the color of any brick it breaks. The dashed lines ("gates") can only be broken by a ball of the same color.

On each increasingly-difficult algorithmically-generated level, your goal is to reach the exit by unlocking the colored gates while avoiding and destroying an onslaught of enemies.

The rest of the rules are for you to discover in-game.

(You can find a longer description of the gameplay on the media page.)

Joystick support

Press Control-J to enable joystick support. Most USB gamepads with an analog stick should work. (The joystick should be plugged in before the game is started.)

Author: David O'Toole

Created: 2017-03-21 Tue 18:49